Team Photos


This weekend (4-6 April) your child will be getting an envelope for team photos.  

The photos are to be in the afternoon of May the 4th which is a Sunday. 

Players are to bring the money back on the photo day.  Photos are to be taken like last year at the Brothers Hockey Club grounds at the JCU. 

Can all players attend their team photo even if they are not purchasing a photo as it is a photo that we as a club also get to keep. 


Scheduled times for each team are as follows:


3.00 pm                Under 7 Rookies


3.10pm                 Under 9 Rookies


3.20pm                 Under 12 Boys


3.30pm                 Under 11 Girls


3.40pm                 Under 13 Girls


3.50pm                 Under 15 Girls


4.00pm                 Under 15 Boys


4.10pm                 Under 18 Girls


4.20 pm                 Under 18 Boys


Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled photo time in full hockey uniform.  Manager please line your team up in order of tallest to shortest ready for photographer.

If you would like to order photos, please hand envelope to your Manager on 4th MAY 2014 at Brothers Hockey Club.